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Here you will find research that has been done and several resources for educational projects and workshop formats as well as ideas we use in our facilities.

Research and papers

ODI Youth and Technology

Review of the makerspace phenomenon and its potential to enhance youth employment and empowerment

Education in fablabs

A review of educational resources available, and development of a model mapping the different resources

Fab lab Setup Guide

An amazing guide created by Jennifer Johns, University of Bristol in collaboration with the Fab Foundation

Fab lab Safety handbook

Created by Luciano Betoldi of the Fab Foundation containing info on space, user and tool safety

Formes horizontales d’organisation humanitaire (FRENCH)

Fablabs et Makerspaces en Grèce pour l’aide aux réfugiés : réparer les vivants, réparer les choses

Online lesson plans and resources

Developed by the Fab Foundation, SCOPES-DF is the first project of its kind to specifically develop effective pathways and resources for using digital fabrication in STEM education. SCOPES-DF offers educators new models and methods for teaching. It offers students relevant, engaging, applied learning opportunities.

Originally born at the MIT media lab, instructables has become an enormous online platform where you can find documentation on how to do many different things, from cooking to repairs to furniture to electronics and much more. They also have a section called ‘classes’ which contains projects you can do with students.

Arduinos are one of the best ways to start with electronics and programming. This page from the makers of the boards has resources to get you started or improve your skills and lists interesting projects you can do in classes and workshops