Fab lab kakuma (planned)


A pioneer when it comes to innovative higher education in emergencies, InZone has just launched a new project in Kakuma Refugee Camp, the Uvumbuzi Tech Challenge

Innovation, design thinking and co-creation 

This initiative is a project in which creative people living in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei settlement act as drivers of change by identifying and documenting issues in their communities that can be tackled using technological solutions. A selection committee composed by experts from various institutions (e.g. Kenyatta University, ECE, IEEE, EPFL, Kenyan Red Cross) will carefully review the project ideas and select a number of them based on various criteria (e.g. resources, feasibiliy). 

In the realm of bridging distances and encouraging the exchange of knowledge and acquisition of skills, participants from Kakuma/Kalobeyei will then work on the selected projects with engineering students from Kenyatta UniversityECE Paris.LyonIEEE, and Tsinghua University
The project culminates with the prototyping phase, in which the project groups bring their ideas to life in a FabLab that is about to be installed in the heart of Kakuma Refugee Camp. 

Thorough trainings: before and during the Uvumbuzi Tech Challenge

Online training sessions in the areas of design thinking, research, ideation and prototyping will be delivered before the tech challenge to prepare potential participants from Kakuma and Kalobeyei for the upcoming initiative and to awaken or increase their motivation to later eventually enroll in tertiary education courses in the areas of technology and engineering. Participants to the challenge will be well accompanied and mentored by experts throughout the duration of the project. 

What’s next? 

While the Uvumbuzi Tech Challenge is expected to raise awareness on the power of people to find creative and innovative technological solutions to issues in their communities, it is also aimed at informing the creation of new, needs-based and open tertiary education courses in the afore-mentioned areas of technology and engineering. 

More information will be provided soon. Please follow us on LinkedIn or on the Uvumbuzi Tech Challenge blog to stay abreast on any developments.