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Fab Lab Greece


Status: Closed 2021

Constr.Act Lab is a Fabrication Laboratory that was first implemented by Terre des Hommes in Ioannina city, Greece (2017-2019) with support from the Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL).  

In November 2020 it was relaunched with funding from Direct Relief, after being adjusted to fit the specific conditions and measures imposed by the pandemic. 

Its main objective is to empower vulnerable youth, this time residing in open accommodation facilities near Athens. Through Constr.Act Lab, we encourage them to discover and use their skills to create their own projects with the help of innovative technological tools, while keeping safe throughout the pandemic. 

Current Constr.Act Lab’s activities in Greece, include health promotion sessions that provide useful advice for protection from Covid19  through fun experiments using sprays, masks, mobile phones and other materials. At the same time, we invite the participants to design and create protective equipment (masks, visors etc.) either by using traditional tools like sewing machines, or  innovative ones such as 3D printers.

All items will be distributed among the camp communities and front-line staff. Participants will also create every-day items non related to Covid-19, whereas more activities aiming to support their mental health, are also part of the project.

Ahmed, one of our participants from Syria, told us: “This project brings modern education to people with no access to sophisticated and developed learning resources such as the use of computers, that have become necessary for work and daily life. It’ s perfect in every aspect! From the equipment to the people working here. This is wonderful!”.  

Constr.Act Lab is funded by Direct Relief and is implemented in camps in Attica as part of the mental health/psychosocial support services that Tdh provides to families in partnership with DRC Greece, IOM Greece and with support from AMIF of the European Union.