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Muhanned Nuaimy-Barker

Tech4Refugees Hack a SUCCESS

The Resilience Collective participated in the Tech4Refugees Hackathon during this year’s Open Geneva Festival, to help bolster innovation and digital skill in migrant and refugee youth. On March 23rd and 24th five diverse teams engaged both online and in person at the University of Geneva’s FacLab, with the goal of designing a learning journey that leverages the potential of Fab Labs and Resilience Innovation Facilities to empower vulnerable youth in migration or humanitarian contexts. The exercise was co-organized by InZone, Centre Universitaire Informatique, Terre des hommes Lausanne, IEEE_CAS and the Fab Foundation. Several Resilience Collective members participated in the two day… Read More »Tech4Refugees Hack a SUCCESS

March 2022 Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to the second newsletter of the Resilience Collective! Before speaking about what is happening in our RIFs, we cannot start this newsletter without thinking about our colleagues in Ukraine. It is indeed with sadness that we have heard of the closure of the two Terre des hommes (Tdh) Fab Labs on the spot. Unfortunately, we have little information to pass on to you at this time. However, what we can say is that the number one priority for Tdh remains the protection of the teams on site. For this, Tdh has set up a task force… Read More »March 2022 Newsletter

Tech4Refugees Hack!

The Tech4Refugees Hack! is a hackathon organized by InZone, Terre des Hommes, the Resilience Collective, the FabFoundation, Centre Universitaire Informatique, and IEEE-CASS. The two-day event will bring minds together from across the globe with the aim of exploring and highlighting digital fabrication (FabLab) communities in refugee and humanitarian contexts. Taking a people- and needs-based approach surrounding refugees, displaced people, and migrants, the hackathon will explore the creation of a learning journey, of which will be further explored and implemented to educate, empower, raise their voices, and arm them with the necessary skills to succeed.  As the effects of digital fabrication… Read More »Tech4Refugees Hack!