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Tech4Refugees Hack a SUCCESS

A hackathon participants

The Resilience Collective participated in the Tech4Refugees Hackathon during this year’s Open Geneva Festival, to help bolster innovation and digital skill in migrant and refugee youth.

On March 23rd and 24th five diverse teams engaged both online and in person at the University of Geneva’s FacLab, with the goal of designing a learning journey that leverages the potential of Fab Labs and Resilience Innovation Facilities to empower vulnerable youth in migration or humanitarian contexts.

The exercise was co-organized by InZone, Centre Universitaire Informatique, Terre des hommes Lausanne, IEEE_CAS and the Fab Foundation.

Several Resilience Collective members participated in the two day event. RIFs in Hungary, Guinea, Jordan and Morocco shared their experiences and ideas for training courses for vulnerable children and youth. Directors from Tdg, InZone and IEEE-CAS also participated in developing solutions.

The Tech4Refugees Hack! generated several innovative ideas designed to improve the effectiveness of digital learning and manufacturing technologies in refugee camps. Understanding and focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable people led to some initial concrete ideas for the creation of a learning pathway around technologies to accelerate and maximize the potential of refugees by exploiting the FabLab facilities. All the organisations present at the Hackathon have already agreed to implement some of the solutions devised during the hackathon.

More information will be communicated as the project proceeds.