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Gaziantep FabLab News

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  • FabLab Robots

    We have many more facilities available at FabLab, thanks to the DOBOT Robot, Autonomous Vehicles, and Mini Ada Robots, we offer many beneficiaries the opportunity to improve their coding/software skills here.  We also provide a practical working area to the beneficiaries with our equipment on our mechanical desk. Especially for students preparing for Teknofest, this… Read More »FabLab Robots

  • Eva Mach Visit

    Carbon footprint is a term used to describe the amount of carbon that each person causes to be emitted into the atmosphere as a result of transportation, heating, energy consumption, or any kind of product they buy. If possible, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind energy, energy-saving light bulbs, etc., can reduce the use… Read More »Eva Mach Visit

  • Solar Panel and Tracking System

    Nowadays, reaching energy is one of the biggest challenges in the world. As RIF, a solar energy project was designed with the internal capacity of the team to reduce our carbon footprint. Also, a monitoring application – a data logger was produced internally to monitor the total solar energy produced by the solar panels and… Read More »Solar Panel and Tracking System

  • IOM’s ICT Director Marietta Muwanga visited Gaziantep FABLAB

    The IOM-supported Resilience and Innovation centre in Gaziantep provides migrant & local innovators with free access to high-tech equipment and educational & mentorship programmes. IOM’s ICT Director Marietta Muwanga visited the centre to learn firsthand about opportunities that the centre gives to migrants & locals while bringing them together and fostering social cohesion.