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Tech4Refugees Hack!

A hackathon to maximize the potential of Fab Labs in humanitarian contexts.

March 23 – 24th 2022

The Tech4Refugees Hack! is a hackathon organized by InZone, Terre des Hommes, the Resilience Collective, the FabFoundation, Centre Universitaire Informatique, and IEEE-CASS.

The two-day event will bring minds together from across the globe with the aim of exploring and highlighting digital fabrication (FabLab) communities in refugee and humanitarian contexts. Taking a people- and needs-based approach surrounding refugees, displaced people, and migrants, the hackathon will explore the creation of a learning journey, of which will be further explored and implemented to educate, empower, raise their voices, and arm them with the necessary skills to succeed. 

As the effects of digital fabrication in humanitarian contexts are not fully known, there is a need to explore the topic further. In addition, there are numerous educational and logistical barriers to be overcome in order to maximize the use of these facilities by the end-users. As the prevalence of RIFs (Resilience Innovation Facilities) increases and technology advances, it is important that end-users are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to use the technology and be able to share and use that knowledge for the good of their communities. In addition, self-worth and employability are also boosted, which are valuable assets along the path to a better life. 

Participants will gather together for two days at the FacLab at the University of Geneva or online in order to generate ideas and propose innovative solutions on how to maximize the potential of FabLabs in humanitarian contexts. Participants will hear from a range of experts in the field, benefiting from their expertise and insights, and emphasizing with their needs. This will help participants generate more realistic and workable solutions which will be further tested. The hackathon welcomes participants from all backgrounds. To sign up and for more information, please visit the following links below.

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