Fab Lab Sever

A Fab lab in the University of Severodonetsk, an innovation space for children and youth affected by the conflict

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Fab lab Sever

In December 2018, we established the first FabLab dedicated to children and youth affected by the conflict in Ukraine. With the aim to be sustainable, it was implemented in the East-Ukrainian National University “Volodymyr Dal” and is open to students, school groups and any interested person from Luhansk Oblast. "The children and teenagers in this region have less opportunities to engage in social interactions and the conflict is reducing their mobility and development opportunities. We are grateful to the Voldymyr Dal University for providing the space and committing to maintain the FabLab’s functioning while ensuring access for the public," says Ionut Raita, Director of Tdh Ukraine.

The FabLab is open to students, school groups, and any interested person from the whole Luhansk oblast.

The FabLab is an innovative way of reaching out to young people interested in technology. It works as a meeting place for children and youth, IDPs and the local community, and promotes cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences. Trainings are offered regularly, allowing youth to acquire new knowledge and abilities, and to implement their personal or community projects. The projects can range from producing small toys with a group of students to community engagement projects that involve teachers and parents. The FabLab is established as part of the “Ukraine Joint Response IV” project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and continues with the support of UNICEF Ukraine and the European Union.

- Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- The Volodymyr Dahl University
- UNICEF (funded activities for adolescents from remote areas)





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